This half hour extract features Faure Req Second and Third Movements  and also an excerpt from a mass setting by Joe O’Beirne ( Click HERE for more information)


It does not include elements like the vocal warm up and breakout room work


Zoom -derived recordings capture audio but not video ( moving scores etc) from the screen-shares  used  in the rehearsal  The  main clip  that we viewed is posted below so that you can view it in full if you wish


SOUTH ATLANTA ( CLIP ONE) HERE ( from  6 min 20 secs)


If you have questions about musical aspects of this rehearsal email the choir and we will forward them to Musical Director


To get us started in  the Breakout Rooms ,we used the following line tapes from YouTube, they will be replaced by our own material soon ( NB the style and some of the notes in this score differ from our performance version)



Tenor 1

Tenor 2

Bass 1

Bass 2