Becoming a Member

The Irish Doctors Choir plans to perform large-scale choral works from the classical repertoire, so experience with singing, reading and learning music will be essential. Members will need to pre-learn their music, to set aside an entire weekend for each performance and to pay a participants’ fee for each event in advance of taking part.

Every singer who was offered a place on the Belfast Mahler Chorus will be given the chance to participate in future events with the Irish Doctors Choir.  This includes those who were placed on the waiting list and did not get the opportunity to perform in the Belfast concert.  New applications will be  also invited from medical doctors and medical students.  Although the choir’s 2018 performances will be in Ireland, applicants from other countries will be very welcome

If you are a first time applicant for a  performance with the Irish Doctors Choir, you will be asked to complete details including  your job/studies, your voice type and your singing/musical  experience.  The Musical Director will  consider your application to join and we will  notify you of  his decision by email. If you would like to apply please click on the box below.

For those who have been accepted into the choir,  we plan to offer two events each year via a pay-per-event system, administered through Eventbrite.  The number of places for each event will depend  on venue size and the balance of voices needed for the programme. A private link to the Eventbrite payment page for the event will be sent to all eligible members  and those who would like to take part  will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis or placed on a waiting list.

As part of its commitment to working healthcare professionals, the choir will operate a six-week cancellation policy for its events ie you can receive a full refund  (minus Eventbrite‘s administration charge) providing you apply for it six weeks on more before the event.  For the sake of their colleagues on the waiting list, singers are asked to withdraw as soon as possible if unable to participate.