If you want to do a little bit of extra singing at Maynooth, you are invited to sing some beautiful liturgical music recently written by our Chairman Joe O’Berne


If you wish to participate in this aspect of our weekend, we will be rehearsing and performing it  in the chapel from 9.30 to 10.30 am on Sunday morning.

You must have familiarised yourself with the music in advance as there will be minimal rehearsal time.

Please print out all the movements below and bring ready-to-sing in a black folder or binding


If you prefer not to learn and sing this extra music, you will be welcome to sit in on the session as an audience member

but please arrive at 9.30 before any recording starts

Alternatively you can join us at 10.30 am to start work on the Faure requiem





Click box above for Gloria



Click box above for Agnus Dei



Click box above for Credo



Click box above for Sanctus