Video Project for Hallelujah Chorus

Options for people to choose. You only need to record 30-60 seconds of footage.  Only the video will be used and the audio will be wiped, as the images will be played alongside the voice tracks that Brian puts together as the finished product.
1. Video of you singing Hallelujah Chorus as if you are recording your vocal
  – You can mime or sing the full piece along with the click track to keep you in time
  – Recording can be face-on, singing to the camera, as for an online rehearsal, or you can do a side-on view by an assistant showing your recording situation and you singing
2. Setting up your rehearsal
 – if you are very self-conscious, that is ok, as you can do a little video from your usual Rehearsal Zoom device, setting your rehearsal space up
 – dont worry about this one
3.Walking about anywhere or around local features (see no 4)
–  alone
–  you and a few other local IDC singers
4. Local features – some recognisable place or feature,  with or without you, fixed point perspective/360 degree or walking (for example, Guildhall Derry, or An Grianan Aileach, Inch Island/Lough Swilly/Lisfannon Beach, a Lough Foyle riverside walk, walk on the walls)