Introduction to IDC’s Zoom Rehearsal Room..Becoming a Virtual Choir


Hymne an die Nacht

Ludwig van Beethoven/ Ignaz Heim


This page has all the material that you will need to sing on this virtual choir piece. IDC members please make an mp3 recording of your vocal line while listening to your chosen line recording through headphones (see below). Alternatively you can simply record simultaneous audio and video on your smartphone and send in mp4 format.  Either way save your file as  HadN.your initials and send  to Brian MacKay at for mixing with the other lines into a single choral version.  For audio files larger than 1 Mb please use We Transfer to send your file  ( you can easily  find and use this for free online. The information below )

SATB vocal score* HERE

Line Recordings  HERE

Need help with this process?

Learn how to make and send your personal vocal line recording   HERE

(Please note that the use of a mobile phone camera  to record your video and audio as a single mp4 file is not covered in the Line Recording video above , but that will work well also)

*Copyright. please print off a single copy of this score for personal education only. Do not retain or reproduce, thanks